How to enjoy coffee

Coffee plays an important role both in everyday life and on more festive occasions. Coffee can be enjoyed in many different ways and it creates well-being and happiness when enjoyed alone or with friends. Meira coffees are made to be enjoyed peacefully. Whether your favorite is black coffee, a latte or an espresso, coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

There is coffee, and good coffee

There is a crucial difference between coffee and good coffee. Making good coffee is a precious thing and for real coffee lovers it is almost a ceremony. Filter coffee is an absolute favorite of many coffee lovers, but coffee can also be enjoyed prepared in other ways: pan coffee on the stove and in a press pan, with a moka pot or a separate espresso machine. Keep these rules in mind when making coffee, whichever method you are using.

1. Always use clean utensils
2. Use cold, fresh water
3. Serve freshly made coffee
4. Do not mix old and fresh coffee together

Coffee varieties

Coffee is grown in more than sixty countries around the globe. However, different coffee varieties require different conditions to thrive. Arabica thrives in temperate climate, wheras robusta is very resistant to heat. Coffea arabica and coffea robusta are the most important coffee varieties commercially.

Sophisticated Arabica

Coffea arabica, which is considered to be the best coffee variety, is native to Ethiopia. 70-80% of all coffee produced in the world is arabica. Arabica is used in almost all the best coffee qualities in the world. The taste of Arabica is soft and toned.

Vigorous Robusta

Coffea robusta is native to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The variety grows preferably in tropical lowlands and is therefore widely cultivated in Africa and Asia. Compared to arabica, Robusta has a stronger and bitter taste. Due to its strength, Robusta is often used especially as a base for espresso coffees. The caffeine content of Robusta is almost double that of sophisticated Arabica.

The long history of coffee

Coffee is one of the oldest stimulants still used by people around the world. Commercial cultivation of coffee began in the 15th century on the Arabian Peninsula, but its history goes much further.

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The world of specialty coffees

Espresso-based specialty coffees are one of the cornerstones of the coffee culture. Originating from Southern Europe, these coffee drinks have conquered virtually the entire world of coffee drinkers.

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Specialty coffees made at home

Segafredo Espressos are intended for home-made espressos. In addition to the coffee machine, drinks can conveniently be prepared with a moka pot on a stove. For delicious coffee, check out the tips by our professional barista:

Feel free to try different roast levels and different product families. However, keep the rule of thumb for filter coffee in mind: 6 g coffee / 1 dl water. If you want stronger coffee, do not increase the amount of coffee. By increasing the amount of coffee, the coffee becomes over-extracted and bitter, not stronger.

Delicious coffee drinks