Meira coffees - sustainability in every cup

Finland is a nation of coffee drinkers. The annual coffee consumption of every Finn is about 10 kilos, most in the world. Making coffee suitable for the Finnish coffee taste requires tremendous skill that has developed with decades of experience. Sustainability at every stage of coffee production is an essential part of this skill.

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Tasty sustainability with Meira seasoning products

All our spices are developed, manufactured and packaged in Finland, with the exception of gelatin leaves.
A wide range of products as well as the taste, freshness, quality, purity and low salinity of the products have made Meira the market leader in dry spices in Finland. We want to offer consumers great flavors, joy and inspiration to the dining table, but we also want to take care of the well-being of people and the environment.

Sustainability guides our procurement ›

Our climate commitment

At Meira, we think that everyone - the international community, states, businesses and consumers - must take responsibility for protecting our common planet and fighting against climate change. So we, as part of our responsibility program, are committed to the Science Based Targets.

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Sustainability actions at our Vallila plant

The unique Meira production plant - a roastery and a spice factory - is located in the heart of Helsinki, in Vallila. Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the operations of our production plant and our entire company.

Climate actions

We have set science-based emission reduction targets in 2021 and they are also approved by the Science Based Target initiative. We commit to reduce our own emissions 80 % by 2028 (vs. 2019).

Renewable electricity

From 2020 we will use either renewable or at least CO2-free electricity, by 2030 we will only use electricity from renewable sources. Our waste management is carbon neutral and our recycling rate is 80%, which is clearly above the industry average.

More environmentally friendly packaging solutions

We are constantly developing more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Our vision is that by 2030, all Meira packaging will be made from 100% recyclable, recycled or renewable material.

A safe and equal Meira is a priority for us

We actively develop our policies to ensure a safe work environment for all of our employees.
We invest in job satisfaction; along with comprehensive occupational health care and personnel cooperation, we will also take the next steps in 2023 towards an equal, inclusive and diverse Meira. As a continuation of the DEI* survey carried out in the spring, we specify the development measures especially to strengthen equality and inclusion as part of our Good workplace program.
*DEI: Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

Collaborating locally and globally

We do charity work both locally and internationally. In Vallila, we cooperate with schools and food aid projects. We support the well-being of children in developing countries, e.g. in a school project in Honduras and by donating money annually to Fondazione Zanetti Onlus.

Our sourcing policy

We want to ensure that the raw materials we use meet our high quality standards. At the same time, we want to take responsibility for people and the environment, both domestically and in the countries of origin of raw materials. Our procurement is guided by our Sourcing Policy, which sets out our ethical principles in terms of business ethics, respect for human rights and environmental wellbeing.

Main principles of our Sourcing Policy ›

We are committed to acting sustainably

  • Meira's emission reduction targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Meira commits to reduce its own emissions 80 % by 2028 (vs. 2019).

  • We are involved in the Social Commitment to Sustainable Development (Commitment 2050) through the Nutrition Commitment of the Finnish Food Authority (salt and sugar commitment of ketchup).

  • We have joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement, which is a state sector-specific energy efficiency project. Our goal is to reduce our energy consumption by 7.5% by 2025 (vs. 2018 level).

  • We are committed to promoting a circular economy and raising Vallila's recycling rate to 80% in 2022. Meira's waste management is produced in a carbon-neutral manner.

  • We are committed to continuous improvement based on our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and McDonald´s SQMS certified operating system.

  • 100 percent of the green coffee we use has been certified as sustainable by the end of 2023. 80 percent of spice raw materials will come from certified or low-risk sources by the end of 2023.

  • Read the sustainability report of our parent company MZBG ›