Reversed Iced Coffee

It´s a great idea to enjoy your morning coffee cold on a hot summer day. Have you already tried to make iced coffee in reverse order? A dark roast coffee is a great choice for iced coffee. This coffee also helps you to prevent loss, as you can make coffee ice cubes from leftover coffee in advance and store them in the freezer.

  • Easy
  • 1 portion


Segafredo Pausa filter coffee
almond or oat drink
vanilla sugar


  1. Prepare the coffee with a filter coffee machine, a moka pot or a press pan.
  2. Pour the coffee into an ice cube mold and let it freeze in the freezer for at least 6 hours.
  3. Fill the glass with coffee ice cubes and pour over almond or oat drink.
  4. If you need sweetening, vanilla sugar is a great choice.
  5. Enjoy in the sun in good company!