Vacuum coffee maker (Siphon coffee maker)

Coffee made with a vacuum coffee maker can be found in the world’s highest quality cafes. Just following the preparation method is an experience for the viewer. The vacuum coffee maker requires the best possible coffee qualities, just the right brewing temperature and most of all, time. The vacuum method is especially recommended for high-quality, light roast coffees of one coffee variety.

By using a fabric filter, the filtration gives an exceptional, sweet, clear and multi-nuanced composition to the coffee. The vacuum coffee maker includes a filter cloth, an alcohol wick burner, a plastic mixing paddle and a measuring spoon, and a stand.

Aeropress coffee maker

The Aeropress coffee maker consists of two durable plastic cylinders. The filter paper is placed on the bottom of the cylinder in a screw-on filter holder, and coffee grounds and hot water are added to the cylinder. After light mixing, the coffee is slowly pressed through the filter paper directly into the cup with the second cylinder. The shorter extraction time and the pressure pick up the rich and soft aromas of the coffee.

Drip brewing

The taste of coffee made with a dripper is close to that of coffee made with a regular coffee machine, but fuller.

The dripper filter funnel is equipped with a valve that closes the filter when the filter is not on top of the cup. The valve allows a longer extraction time, like in a French press, compared to a standard filter funnel, where water flows directly through the filter into the cup.

Vacuum brewer

The pan of a vacuum brewer consist of two parts. Water is dispensed into the glass pan at the bottom chamber of the pan, and a glass funnel with filter plates at the bottom is placed on top. Coffee is dispensed on top of these plates.

The pan is placed on the stove, and when the water boils, it rises to the funnel of the top chamber. When the pan is removed from the stove, the vacuum, as it cools, sucks the coffee extract back into the lower chamber of the pan.

We recommend a vacuum brewer especially for our light roast coffees.

Coffee percolator

A percolator is a coffee maker where the method of making coffee is basically the same as in a moka pot.

In the percolator, the water tank is at the bottom and the coarse coffee powder is dispensed into the strainer on top of the tank. The heated water flows up the filter tube to the top chamber of the pan and drains from there onto the coffee powder. After filtration, the liquid flows through the strainer back into the lower tank.

We recommend a percolator especially for dark roast coffee.