Meira – for Far Better Moments

For more than a hundred years, Meira has added flavor to life. We produce coffee and spice products for both consumers and professionals in our own production plant in Vallila, in the heart of Helsinki. Our DNA contains the desire, ability and guts for renewal. We have been present both in everyday life and festive moments for the last 100 years, and we will be here for the next hundred years.

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Spices complete a delicious meal

Let´s be honest, food without spices doesn´t really taste anything at all. However, with the right spices, you can turn any meal into a culinary success. Explore the world of seasoning and learn how to make delicious food in your own kitchen.

A cup of coffee perks you up

The average Finn drinks more coffee than anyone else in the world, and no wonder - we offer the most delicious coffees in the world. From traditional filter coffees to Italian premium coffees, Meira offers a choice for all kinds of coffee moments.

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Sustainability guides Meira´s operations

We want to offer our consumers, customers, partners and staff Far Better Moments also in the future. This means that we are always striving for the better and boldly thinking in a new manner. We act in a fair and sustainable way throughout our value chain, from the raw material producer to the consumer.

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