Kulta Katriina - for a tasty coffee culture

The Japanese have their tea ceremony and the English enjoy their tea at five o'clock. Kulta Katriina is an ambassador of good coffee culture.

Kulta Katriina has been an everyday quality coffee since 1937. Kulta Katriina is present both in everyday life and on festive occasions. Today more strongly than ever.

In food trends, there is a growing interest in new experiences even for traditional foods such as coffee.
Ethics is also a driving force for more and more consumers when choosing and buying the right coffee. The Kulta Katriina product family includes a large selection of sustainable-sourced coffees for both Food Service and retail needs.

Global coffee trends are currently showing, for example, a demand for products that are either extra high in caffeine or completely caffeine-free. Meira responds to consumer demands by constantly developing new innovative and delicious coffee products.

Kulta Katriina products: