Why is dried chili one of the most used spices in the world?

It is quite common to think that chili should only be used fresh. Sure, fresh chili is great for instance in salsa and as a salad ingredient, but in addition to the heat, chili really adds no other flavors. Dried chili keeps well and retains its aroma for a long time, and the taste doesn´t change during storage.

kuivattua ja rouhittua chiliä

What can dried chili be used for?

The Meira chili product range with a variety of powders and flakes has been completed with new chili groats. Groats are great for modern dishes like quick-fried king crabs or potatoes that call for visible chili.

To get the best aromas out of ground chili, heat it first in oil or butter for a couple of minutes. When baking a chocolate cake, add some chili flakes directly to melted chocolate – easy and delicious! Dried chili also adds a nice twist to hot drinks.

kuivattua, rouhittua ja jauhettua chiliä

Chili works well with all cooking

In the past, different spice sauces were the main source of spicy food. At the moment, authentic recognizable flavors are desired. Meira spice range offers chili options for every taste. Boost your food with chili!