When should I organize the spice cabinet?

Regurlarly check the expiration dates of your spices and throw away the outdated packages. When you organize your kitchen, you let your imagination loose as well. After organizing your spice cabinet, get new inspiration from cook books, magazines or podcasts and start creating new flavors for a good everyday life.

Recycle the spice packages correctly:

  • Plastic packages into the plastic packaging collection
  • Aluminium-cardboard packages into carton collection
  • Glass jars into glass collection and the plastic caps for plastic packaging collection
  • Salt packages into the carton collection

Where and how should the spices be stored?

Spices enjoy dry and dark conditions. The worst place for them is on top of the humid and warm cooker hood. A great idea is to store the spice jars and bags in a small box in the kitchen drawer that you can lift on the table while cooking. That way you will easily find the ones you need.

Store your favorite spices in one box and baking spices in another. A friend of spicy food packs everything related to chili in its own box and honey, sugars and salts in another.

Kitchen drawers are a handy place for storing spice jars and bags. Remove the frying spatulas and other kitchen utensils from the drawers and place them in a high container on the worktop instead. Place the spice packages in the drawer.

Store the spice bags in a box. Arranging the bags in alphabetical order makes it easy and fast to find the spice you need. You can also store spices in tight glass containers. Mark the contents and the expiration date on the jar with tape. Everyday cooking is fun and easy when your favorite spices are organized.

Should I buy spices whole or ground?

Whole spices last longer than ground ones, which is why you can store them in slightly larger amounts. The best way to always have fresh ground spices is to buy them when you are going to use them in cooking.

Try new flavors!

Once you’ve arranged your spice cabinet, make a list of the spices you need for your cooking. Ginger invigorates and warms, cumin creates new taste experiences to familiar dishes. Try adding curry powder to fried onions and potatoes – give new flavors a chance!