Use the leftover spices form your spice cabinet during the barbecue season. Mix the spices to make a dry rub for meat, fish, chicken and vegetables. Dry rubs are a great way to add more interesting flavors to your barbecue.

Mix dry rubs from the leftover spices

Mix the ingredients of a dry rub in a small bowl or grind them in a mortar. The base for a dry rub is always salt and sugar. Try the moist muscovado sugar or aromatic brown sugar that bring just the right sweetness and crunch to the composition. In addition to sugar and salt, add any spices and herbs: throw in the leftover spices from your spice cabinet that you have not been using lately. In addition to great taste, dry rubs also add beautiful color to the food.

Dry rubs are especially suitable for seasoning barbecue dishes that need a long cooking time. During the barbecue process the spice mixture sticks to the surface of, for example, meat deepening the taste. Smear the spice mixture on the meat and allow it to rest at room temperature for about 15 minutes before cooking. If you want a stronger taste smear the dry rub well in advance on the meat and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. However, remember to let the meat sit at room temperature about half an hour before cooking.

Mix a marinade and a seasoned butter

Although dry rubs are great for seasoning grilled dishes, you can also use them in your everyday cooking. Season your meatball mixture with the dry rub or add it to sauces and soups. Adding oil to the dry rub makes an excellent marinade. Try making your own seasoned butter by simply mixing the dry rub with butter. Super easy and delicious! As the dry rub mixture keeps well in an airtight box protected from light, why not make a big batch once you get started. A jar of home made dry rub also makes a great gift for your friends!