Finns are great friends of dipping powders. Abroad, there are fewer ready-made dipping powders on store shelves, but we have them as standard equipment in every market.

According to a large dipping study commissioned by Meira at the end of March, the most active group of dip users in Finland are aged 25–34, of whom up to 84 percent use dipping powders at least occasionally. In addition to young people, families with children regularly enjoy dips.

The ingredients of Meira’s dips are recognized by everyone

However, the survey also showed that the majority of Finns (56%) do not know what dips contain. In addition, ready-made dipping powders are not an option for as many as one-fifth of Finns, as they do not sit on a healthy diet. 21 percent of people make their own dipping powders themselves.

Meira now wants to meet this demand by expanding its range to the snacks shelf. Meira launches three different dips, each containing only authentic herbs and spices. In addition, Meira’s dips have less salt and sugar than usual. Salt and sugar are used with just a touch to balance other flavors.

“As a spice expert, this new conquest is actually a completely natural step for Meira. When we researched the market and consumer expectations, it became clear that Finns like a lot of ready-made dipping powders, but so far they are perceived as unhealthy delicacies. We want to offer dip lovers genuine and healthier options without compromising on taste,” says Heidi Päiväniemi, Meira’s Marketing Manager.

Content matters

According to the survey, almost 70 percent of Finns use dips both in their everyday life and in celebration. Over the years, the use of dips has became more versitile, which is why the content of dips also matters.

Above all, dip is known as a friend of chips or vegetables, and the powder is traditionally most preferably mixed with sour cream. However, according to Meira’s research, more than 40 percent of Finns also use dipping powder in cooking, and almost as many are interested in finding new ways to use dipping powder.

Meira’s dips do not contain anything extra. Unlike other dipping powders, they do not contain starch, flavor enhancers or yeast extract. They are also vegan and gluten free. Due to natural content, Meira’s dips are also suitable for everyday cooking, as the powders can for example be mixed with oil or be used like ordinary spices, to bring flavor to food.

We have noticed that Finns pay more attention to the purity of food. To be additive-free and have low salinity have also become the main factors for spices and dips. Flavors of Meira dips are developed naturally without an impossible amount of excipients,” says Juha Wathén, Product Group Manager of Meira’s seasoning products.

* The survey was conducted in Bilendi Finland’s online panel in March 2021. The survey was answered by 1,000 Finnish adults (aged 18-75).