Good business ethics

  • Compliance with laws and regulations, fair and transparent practices
  • Anti-corruption, respect for local communities

Respect for human rights

  • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor, freedom of association
  • Adequate rest, non-discrimination, adequate wages and benefits, safety at work

Environmental protection

  • Protection of natural resources and biodiversity
  • Reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and waste generation
  • Promoting renewable energy and material sources
  • Responsible use of chemicals, environmental friendliness of packaging solutions

We ensure the sustainability of the raw materials with third-party certifications, partner programs, own audits or suppliers’ self-assessments. The safety and authenticity of raw materials are ensured through strict quality management and product safety processes. We always strive to procure raw materials as directly as possible, without intermediaries.

Download our Responsible Sourcing Policy (PDF)