The four-million-euro roasting machine project, central to Meira, is progressing rapidly in Vallila from the beginning of September. The lifting of the parts of the new roasting machine to the premises of Meira’s coffee roaster will begin at the beginning of September, and the actual commissioning of the machine will proceed after the installation work in November-December. The new roasting machine is functionally more versatile than Meira’s other roasting machines. It enables extensive roasting profiles for coffee and improves Meira’s bean production capacity.

Due to the diversification of demand, Meira has been preparing a roasting machine investment for a few years. The need for investment was accelerated by a fire at the end of 2021, in which Meira lost one roaster. Due to the damage caused by the fire, the coffee was roasted by partners for half a year.

Coffee is roasted in Vallila more efficiently than before

As a part of Meira’s sustainability program based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the company has set science-based climate goals that are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. In Meira’s own operations, climate work focuses on improving energy efficiency and increasing renewable energy. Meira’s goal is to reduce operational emissions by 80 % by 2028. Meira has improved energy consumption, switched to using renewable and CO2-free electricity, and created a road map for switching to renewable district heating and replacing natural gas with biogas.

The goals of Meira’s sustainability program also include the fact that the amount of raw coffee procured annually, around 13 million kilos, will be 100 % certified as sustainable by the end of this year, after a year’s delay. Meira is currently developing and testing packaging. The goal is that they are 100 % recyclable and made of renewable and recycled materials by 2030. At the factory itself in Vallila, the waste recycling rate has been kept at the 80 % level since the end of last year, which is in accordance with the target.

In the developing area of ​​Vallila, we have taken into account the environmental effects of our operations in the necessary way. Our current roasters have catalysts connected to exhaust ducts to minimize smoke and smell effects. In addition to this, the new roaster produces less noise and smells and enables uniform quality roasting,” says Meira’s Production Director Antti Koski.

The lifting of the roasting machine parts to the Meira factory will begin on Monday, September 4th , along Satamaradankatu. Both lanes of Satamaradankatu have been closed since August 28 because of the lifting operation. The street will probably open on 15.10. After installation, the roaster will be ready to use in November-December.


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