Meira, the market leader in spices, helps you to make the right choices. Our goal is to provide sustainable alternatives that support healthy lifestyles. The latest addition to the salt product range is a sea salt based mineral salt, the iodized mineral salt containing 54 percent less salt, or sodium chloride, than regular table salt. Instead, it contains more other important minerals such as magnesium sulfate. You can easily reduce your own salt consumption by switching the table salt to mineral salt.

However, due to its low sodium content, mineral salt is not suitable for preserving food or salting fish. For that, and many other purposes, Meira offers a range of other salt varieties. Our Sea Salt is made from salty seawater by evaporating the water with the heat of the sun and purifying the remaining salt. No chemical methods are used in the purifying process.

Mill Salt is salt that has been mined from deep underground and then purified and screened. This salt in the mill has a soft taste, making it suitable for all cooking and as a table seasoning. The freshly ground, additive-free salt enhances and brings out the flavors of the raw materials.