Rainforest Alliance

In January 2018, UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance merged into a new organization called the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization that aims to support biodiversity and change sustainable land use and business practices to ensure a sustainable industry. Rainforest Alliance certification ensures that the product is manufactured under fair conditions for employees, in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with sustainable development. More information about the certificates can be found on the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ English websites.

You can identify Rainforest Alliance certified products from their frog seal. Meira has several different Rainforest Alliance certified coffee products, you can find out more about our selection here.

Fair Trade

Being a member of Fair Trade always guarantees a small farmer at least the Fair Trade’s minimum price from raw materials such as coffee or spices. The minimum price aims to cover the average costs of sustainably producing their crop and acts as a safety net when market prices swing.  Small farmers gets paid also the Fair Trade surcharge. The small farmers in Fair Trade form cooperatives together and they decide together how to use the surchange. It can be used for example to enhance production or it can be invested in training and healthcare. Fair trade protects the rights of people working in the fields, child labor is prohibited. Production must comply with strict environmental regulations that protect both farmers and nature.

Among others, Kulta Katriina Fair and Meira’s double-certified premium spices are produced in accordance with Fair Trade standards.

You can find out more about Fair Trade here.


Organic farming, in general, means that food cultivation is operated in such way that it does not harm the environment, humans or human health or well-being. In the case of organically produced coffee, it means that the coffee beans are ripened without artificial fertilizers. Organic production is regulated by the EU Organic Regulation.

EU Organic label is a guarantee that food is produced in a high quality and controlled manner for the environment and human well-being of it.

At Meira, you will find many organic options in our selection, both for coffee and spices. Check out, among other things, the double-certified Vallila roastery product family and our Organic Ketchup. Last year we  launched a double-certified spice series that now includes seven products. All the responsibility-certified spices in the Meira Premium organic range are organically grown and produced in a sustainable way with high-quality raw materials.