The demand for organic ketchup increased by ten percent in 2019. Meira is now launching a domestic alternative to organic ketchup. Meira Organic Ketchup with less sugar and salt is a new and tasty organic ketchup. Its tomato content is 85%, which is the highest tomato content on the market in organic ketchups. This organic ketchup made from genuine ingredients does not contain any preservatives.

Meira is committed to the nutritional recommendations of the National Nutrition Council in its ketchup products. The Heart Symbol-labeled Organic Ketchup contains 30% less sugar and salt, and is thus a better choice for the whole family.

Meira Organic Ketchup is marked with the Key Flag Symbol, which is a symbol for domestically produced products. Meira’s products are developed, manufactured and packaged in Vallila, Helsinki.

A smaller package entices trial and reduces waste

Seasoning sauces are now available in an even more convenient size. Meira Ketchup and Mustard in 250 gram mini bottles are also easy to grab along, The smaller package entices trial as well.

According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the amount of food waste in Finnish households is about 20-25 kilos per person. However, changing consumption patterns is a challenge especially for smaller households; Meira’s novelties help them to reduce food waste.

-We want to offer households of all sizes the opportunity to try Meira spice sauces easily.
Mini-bottles are a great way to get acquainted with new products without the package size being an obstacle to the purchase decision. The smaller package size is a great product even when the use of sauces is more random, says marketing manager Heidi Päiväniemi.

Meira Organic Ketchup with less sugar and salt is made with lots of tomatoes. Its tomato content is 85%, the highest on the market. The product is rich in flavor, it does not contain any additives and the sugar and salt content is 30% less than in the traditional ketchups in general. The product has been awarded the Heart Symbol that tells the consumer that the product is a better choice in its product group regarding the sugar and salt content. The salt used in the product is iodized. The ketchups are developed and produced in Finland with renewable, environmentally friendly biogas.

Ingredients: Organic tomato paste (85%), organic sugar, organic spirit vinegar, iodized salt, natural aromas (allspice, white pepper, ginger). Salt 1,3%, sugars 13g/100g




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