Saludo – when good is good enough!

Saludo’s roots go back to the 1960s in the golden age of rock and roll and the hippie movement. The standard of living was rising, urbanization of Finland began to increase and citizens wanted to enjoy life - and coffee - like in the Big World. Launched in 1960, Saludo was one of the novelties that delighted coffee lovers, and it is still one of Finland's best-selling coffees.

Dark roast launched

Saludo is a good, uncomplicated coffee that appeals to the relaxed coffee drinker. Today, also more and more young people enjoy it. The soft taste of Saludo comes from the aromatic and soft coffee varieties of South and Central America and East Africa selected for the coffee blend. The coffee is UTZ certified and available as filter and pan roast coffee in packages of 450 grams. The roast level is 1.

Alongside the traditional light roast Saludo, an equally aromatic but dark roast Saludo Tumma is now also available. Saludo Tumma is Rainforest Alliance certified and available as filter coffee in a package of 450 g grams. The roast level is 3.