Efficient production in the heart of Helsinki

Although the raw materials for the coffee and spice factory are grown around the world, Meira has retained all possible work in Finland: The product development, quality management, manufacturing and packaging work steps that have a significant impact on product quality are to be done with domestic know-how.

Since 2013, net sales have risen from EUR 72.9 million by almost ten million to EUR 82.6 million last year.

‒ In addition to administration, sales and marketing, our historic property in Vallila employs food professionals from the raw material selection process and production to quality management. Along with product development and laboratory measurements, organoleptic quality control is always an integral part of our operations, as we want our products to suit the Finnish taste, describes Raimo Sinisalo, the CEO of Meira.

The product range includes more than 450 different product names, and more than one-fifth of the 50 million kilos of coffee that Finns drink each year, or about 12 million kilos, are produced at the Meira roastery.

Health trends guiding product development

Growth in production and business has been achieved not only through factory property modifications and logistics solutions, but also through product development based on nutritional recommendations and consumer trends. Health trends are carefully considered. Meira spices offer a wide range of products with no added salt, E-codes and allergens have been minimized and the list of ingredients in the spice blends is kept as simple as possible. The ketchups are additive-free, and an option with less sugar and salt is available. The salt used in the products is iodized.

Meirans in many generations

Meirans are proud of their workplace, where the staff and company management work in a good team spirit. Meira has numerous second generation employees, and employment relationships are often long.

‒ Of the raw materials, the spices and coffee naturally come from the best growing places in the world, but everything else, such as packaging materials, is sourced from Finland. Many of our products have been granted the Key Flag symbol describing that the product has been manufactured in Finland. The Italian owner has invested in the production in Finland, which contributes to the security of jobs in Vallila in the future, says Olli Hallikas, the chief shop steward who has worked at Meira for almost 30 years.

‒ Adapting a factory property to the requirements of current production and logistics is a masterpiece of food and engineering expertise. While we have invested in our production facilities, we have preserved the magnificent 1930s architecture to the delight of the people of Helsinki, and enlivened the urban culture with the scent of freshly roasted coffee, Sinisalo continues.