Segafredo Intermezzo 250g paketti

Segafredo Intermezzo - the world´s best selling espresso

The intensely aromatic Segafredo Intermezzo is a blend of high-quality arabica and robusta coffees. Due to its strong and rich aroma, Segafredo Intermezzo is an ideal base for various espresso drinks. Segafredo's mission is to spread the taste, culture and production methods of authentic Italian espresso all over the world. Segafredo Intermezzo is the world's best-selling Segafredo espresso coffee.

  • Package sizes:

    250 g espresso grind

  • Storage:

    Once opened, the coffee can be stored at room temperature for a week. If the coffee is stored longer, its aromas are best kept in the refrigerator. Always remember to close the package as airtight as possible and store it in its own packaging even inside a coffee tin.

  • Origin:

    Made in Italy

  • Ingredients:

    ground coffee