Kulta Katriina Tumma Paahto Export - strong balanced coffee

Kulta Katriina Tumma Paahto Export is a classic medium roast coffee with a fine aroma. Its closely guarded recipe contains some of the world´s best coffee species to give this balanced coffee its unique, strong mellow taste. The roast level of the coffee is 3/5 and it is UTZ certified.

  • RAC
  • Package sizes:

    450 g filter grind

  • Storage:

    Once opened, the coffee can be stored at room temperature for a week. If the coffee is stored longer, its aromas are best kept in the refrigerator. Always remember to close the package as airtight as possible and store it in its own packaging even inside a coffee tin.

  • Origin:

    South and Central America, East Africa

  • Ingredients:

    ground coffee