Kulta Katriina PLUS Boost - high-caffeine coffee

Kulta Katriina Plus BOOST is a high-quality filter coffee with 30% more caffeine than regular filter coffee. This coffee rich in caffeine comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Vietnam and Central America.  Coffee varieties and the dark roast level (3/5) give the coffee its strong and rich flavor. This coffee is also a great companion to oat drink. On average, filter coffee contains 75-100 mg of caffeine per a cup of 1.25 dl, Kulta Katriina Plus Boost contains 110-130 mg per a cup of 1.25 dl. Note that the amount of caffeine in the prepared coffee depends on both the dosage and the preparation method.  

  • RAC
  • Package sizes:

    450 g filter grind

  • Storage:

    Once opened, the coffee can be stored at room temperature for a week. If the coffee is stored longer, its aromas are best kept in the refrigerator. Always remember to close the package as airtight as possible and store it in its own packaging even inside a coffee tin.

  • Origin:

    Vietnam, Central America

  • Ingredients:

    ground coffee