A fire broke out at the Meira roastery in Vallila, Helsinki, yesterday morning at about 10.30. The fire originated most likely from a disturbance in the roasting process and set the loft structures on fire. Firefighting work has been challenging due to loft structures and cold weather, and is still ongoing. The Helsinki City Rescue Department is responsible for the firefighting work and for informing about its progress.

The damages caused to the Vallila roastery caused by the fire can be mapped out more widely after the extinguishing and drying work is completed. At this point, however, it looks like the damage to the spice factory side is minor and production could possibly be continued later this week.

What comes to the roastery, the current estimate is that one of three roasters has been damaged and some of the equipment near the loft needs repair. Electrical equipment has also been damaged. Starting of the production is still open for the time being. The situation at roastery will become clearer as the damage investigations progress.

Deliveries for both coffee and spices are likely to continue before Christmas. For Christmas, most of the coffee spice products have already been delivered, so the fire has minimum effect on Finns’ Christmas tables.

Raimo Sinisalo, Managing director of Meira, thanks Meira’s personnel for their prompt action in the event of an accident.

“We would like to thank the people of Meira for the prompt evacuation at the start of the fire alarm, as well as the City of Helsinki Rescue Department and the units that helped with the fire extinguishing work. Our staff is safe, and that is the most important thing. We will start damage surveys and repairs to our roastery as soon as the post-extinguishing work is completed”, Sinisalo says.


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Managing Director, Meira
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