Meira’s people have been busy since the fire that happened during Christmas week. At the same time as the traces of fire and extinguishing water have been repaired, damage surveys have been carried out and repair planning for the roastery has begun, co-operation has been discussed with outside roasters regarding the roasting of Meira coffees.

Despite the large-scale fire, relatively little of the roasting process was damaged. The coffee grinders and packaging equipment remained in good condition. It was quickly realized that if the coffee could be roasted outside Meira, it could be ground and packaged in Vallila by Meira’s own personnel.

Meira produces about a quarter of the coffee consumed in Finland. Ensuring the taste quality of familiar coffee brands is key when roasting coffee outside of Meira’s own process.

“We have now signed an agreement with two partners where Meira’s coffee qualities can be roasted according to our recipe, and transported to Vallila for grinding and packaging. This is a relatively complex process, where it is crucially important to ensure continuous shelf availability and exact taste quality of Kulta Katriina, Saludo and Segafredo products, which are dear to Finnish consumers. We take care of quality assurance by our own product development and quality team,” says Raimo Sinisalo, Managing Director of Meira.


Production at the Meira spice factory has been in full swing since the beginning of January.

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Managing Director, Meira
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