We have made a comprehensive assessment of the situation in terms of raw materials, logistics and food safety to ensure the continuity of our operations even during this exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. So far, no factors are interrupting our operations due to the coronavirus.

In terms of access to raw materials, the coronavirus does not pose challenges in the short or medium term. No significant schedule delays are in sight due to the coronavirus. If the situation persists for a long time, availability challenges may arise. As a precaution, we have brought forward orders for the next three months to anticipate possible delays. In addition, we have verified our contingency plans for possible raw material or transportation delays through alternative suppliers and transportation options.

To ensure the wellbeing and health of our staff, our office staff work remotely where possible, and we have limited the visits of non-staff members to production only to visits that are critical to our operations. We minimize the number of social contacts in the workplace, and thus bear our social responsibility in the fight against the virus.

We are going through this crisis together, with Finnish resilience and a sense of responsibility. Let´s all follow the instructions of the authorities, help our neighbors and work together.

CEO Raimo Sinisalo with all Meirans