The fire at Meira factory property that started on Monday morning caused a production and delivery disruption on both the spice factory and the roastery side. Readiness for deliveries has been confirmed today, and the first deliveries will be shipped on Monday 27th December. Ensuring occupational safety and food safety are the main priorities in setting up the operations.

The spice factory operations will start for the most part immediately on Monday. Cleaning work related to food production hygiene has been completed and occupational safety has been ensured. Production and the collection of goods are hampered by the partial failure of the elevators, but with careful material flow planning, orders may be delivered well taking the circumstances into consideration.

On the roastery side, repair work is still limited by work safety considerations at the fire and fire water spills area. Repairs related to the electricity and roof have already begun.

Raimo Sinisalo, Managing Director of Meira, is looking forward to the next few weeks.

“Fortunately, the operations of the spice factory will be up and running in a week from the start of the fire, and repair work is progressing on the roastery side. Of course, we do not yet know all the damage and the schedule for repairing it, but we believe that we will also start production of coffee at the beginning of the year,” says Sinisalo.


More information:
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Managing Director, Meira
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