MZB also manufactures and sells other foods such as tea, spices, cocoa and chocolate.

Besides Italy and Finland, the company has coffee roasting operations in numerous countries, including France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States and Australia. There are 20 roasteries with a total production of more than 130 million kilos per year. MZB is the world market leader in espresso.

The company also has four franchise cafe chains and about 400 cafes in 50 countries. The company owns more than 40 coffee-related brands, both internationally known and smaller brands with deep roots in the local coffee culture. The company also owns the world’s largest private coffee plantation in Brazil.

As a major international player, MZB is aware of its environmental responsibility and actively works e.g. to reduce the carbon footprint of the products and packaging it manufactures. An increasing proportion of raw materials are produced sustainably, packaging recyclability is being developed and new, more environmentally friendly production technologies are implemented.

Worldwide, MZB operates in more than 110 countries. In 2021, the company’s turnover was EUR 840 million and the number of employees was approximately 3,000.

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