Finns are the world’s most enthusiastic coffee drinkers

Coffee rhythms our day from early morning to afternoon coffee break. The most daring of us also even stick to their evening coffee. However, some of us feel our love for coffee in our stomachs. The acidity of coffee has been found to cause upset stomachs to some people.

The new Kulta Katriina Smooth coffee uses only naturally low-acid coffee varieties and is slowly roasted to a dark roast at the Meira Vallila roastery. As a result, Smooth is lower in acidity than the average Finnish filter coffee[i], and its taste is soft and full-bodied. There are also indications that dark roasted, lower-acid coffee can be better tolerated and gentler to the stomach than lighter roasted coffee, if coffee consumption is otherwise reasonable.

“Coffee is of great importance to us Finns. As a promoter of Finnish coffee culture and a significant domestic coffee roaster, we want to develop a coffee selection that enables us to enjoy coffee at different times and for different needs. That’s why we wanted to continue expanding the functional Kulta Katriina Plus product line with a new, gentler coffee experience,” says Meira’s Marketing Manager Heidi Päiväniemi.

Meira’s coffee product development team worked for a long time to create a coffee that was naturally low in acid and tasted just right

“By slowly roasting the coffee darker, we created a soft-tasting and inherently lower-acid coffee with no added acidity regulator or other additives. To ensure the consistent quality of Smooth coffee, we check its low acidity for each batch separately,” says Päiväniemi.

[i] The average pH level of Finnish filter coffees is 4.5–5. The lower the pH, the more acidic the coffee. The pH level of Kulta Katriina Plus Smooth coffee is 5.2–5.5, which means that it is considerably less acidic than the average coffee.