A place to rest, work remotely or meeting friends. The café offers many uses for modern people. Consumption habits also vary. On weekday mornings, people typically grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich to go or enjoy a quick bite at the premises. On weekends on the other hand, a leisurely breakfast or a delicious brunch in good company is something customers are looking for. Pleasantly surprise your customers by offering two different filter coffee options!

Fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants, as the name implies, are visited quickly. For the consumer, buying is easy and safe. In fast food restaurants, the customers change frequently during the day. The meals are enjoyed on site or taken along. Fast food restaurants also feature nighttime dining. Why not offer the buyer of a meal coffee for a special price!

Seasonal venues

Seasonal venues are made for short visits. They are typically located, for example, in connection with ski slopes, public events and other short-term sales outlets. At the seasonal venue, you can take a break, quench your thirst and have a quick snack before continuing your journey. Offer your customers ready-made combo meals for a faster and easier service!

Public sector

Universities, colleges, hospital canteens, garrisons and kindergartens each feed thousands of customers every day. They start the day with breakfast and provide lunch. Throughout the day, they cater for meetings and coffee breaks. At the end of the work day, many people want to enjoy a coffee on the go. Offer your lunch guests a bigger coffee for a small extra charge! Use volume campaigns: offer two coffees and cinnamon rolls for a special price!

Lunch restaurants

Lunch restaurants are located close to the workplaces. They are naturally great for lunch breaks but also for meeting friends and business associates. Lunch restaurants have their own well-established clientele who visit the restaurant several times a week. Offer your lunch guests a bigger coffee to go for a small extra charge!

Gas stations

Gas stations today, with grocery stores and shops, are like small shopping malls. They are important gathering places, especially in sparsely populated areas. The day starts with a refreshing morning coffee and the lunch is ended with a nice cup of coffee, maybe with a small sweet bite.  A lot of food and coffee is also bought to go, to be enjoyed on the road. Offer busy travelers delicious options to speed up the service and increase the average purchase value: a combo of Kulta Katriina coffee, a sandwich and a bottle of mineral water for a special price is a great idea to grab along!

Casual dining

Dining at restaurants has become more relaxed. Friends, co-workers and family members gather around good food. Anniversaries and special occasions are celebrated to brighten up both weekdays and weekends. High-quality raw materials and a cosy atmosphere are the cornerstones of a successful restaurant experience. Remember your role in your customer´s purchase decision and don´t forget to offer a special coffee menu along with the food menu!