Meira’s people in Vallila roastery are celebrating a turning point after fire in December. First batches of roasted coffee have been received and routed along a new feed line to grinders and packaging machines. Among the first products, the light-roasted Kulta Katriina Perinteinen, loved by Finns, has been packed.

Building a new kind of operating model has been a project that that has required perseverance and lot of solution-oriented attitude.

“The fact that we have packed Kulta Katriina in our roastery today is a great accomplishment from Meira’s personnel. We have negotiated coffee roasting agreements with external partners, searched for suitable transport companies and modes of transport across Europe, visited external roasters to ensure the quality of our coffee and built a new temporary coffee supply line at our roastery,” concludes Raimo Sinisalo, Managing Director of Meira.

Meira produces about a quarter of the coffee sold in Finland. Meira estimates that using the temporary operating model, normal level of coffee products availability will be achieved by the end of February. Only the blockchain-enabled tracing system for Segafredo Storia coffee is still under investigation, whether it can be fitted to the temporary operating model.

The reconstruction of the attic of the roastery and the repair of the damaged equipment are progressing rapidly at the same time as the temporary manufacturing model has been introduced. Roasting of coffee in Meira’s own premises will likely to be started during the spring.

Production at the Meira spice factory has been in full swing since the beginning of January.

More information:
Raimo Sinisalo
Managing Director, Meira
+358 50 590 8027
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