Vallila Roastery

Vallila Roastery, a new coffee brand dedicated to Vallila, the world´s coffee capital district, completes the Kulta Katriina premium product range. The high quality single origin coffees from the Vallila Roastery are sustainably produced all the way from bean to package.

Meira has been roasting coffee in Vallila for more than a hundred years, and the iconic scent spreading from the roastery is familiar to both Helsinki residents and tourists. The Vallila Roastery brand is entirely dedicated to the roastery and the district itself: The Vallila Roastery coffees are a tribute to this historical place.

From Vallila with Love

The first two coffees in the Vallila Roastery product family are Uganda Sipi Falls and Honduras Lempira, both organic and single origin coffees. Coffee consumers increasingly want high-quality products with taste nuances and experimentialism playing an increasingly important role. Therefore it is natural that the production of the coffees at the Vallila Roastery is carried out with love, from bean to cup, completely sustainably.

Sustainably produced and roasted

Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability from coffee producers. Meira also constantly invests on ethics and environmental friendliness in its products. Vallila Roastery coffees have been produced on Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified farms in Honduras and Uganda, which is in line with the sustainability goals set by Meira. Meira is also investing heavily in the environmental friendliness of the roastery: the recycling rate is already 80%, and the next goal is to cut the greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2022.

The packaging materials of the Vallila Roastery products are also produced in a sustainable way: the coffee packaging is made of entirely aluminum-free and partially renewable plant-based raw materials. As a result, the carbon footprint of the package is 45% smaller. Environmentally friendly materials, optimized size of the package to reduce waste and the ability to preserve the authentic flavor of the coffee are the cornerstones of the development of the new packaging.

Vallila Roastery products: