From the 3rd of October, McDonald’s restaurants will be serving Italian-style Segafredo filter coffee and espresso. Segafredo is a coffee partner for McDonald’s restaurants in 16 countries. In Finland, Segafredo coffees are imported and manufactured by Meira Oy.

“We are constantly developing our product range and want to offer the quality-conscious Finns coffee drinkers taste experiences and diverse alternatives. Bringing Segafredo coffee to our restaurants supports especially our goal of developing specialty coffee”, says Olli Johansson, CEO of McDonald’s Finland.

“We want to offer Finnish consumers the best coffee experiences and McDonald’s restaurants are an excellent way to do it. We are proud of the new partnership, as McDonald’s is also one of the most demanding partners in the HoReCa sector”, says Raimo Sinisalo, the CEO of Meira.

Two Segafredo coffees have been developed exclusively for McDonald’s restaurants. They meet McDonald’s strict international and local requirements in terms of taste, raw material quality and sustainability. The Italian-style coffee is made from 100% arabica coffee beans. The Rainforest Alliance certificate ensures that the McDonald’s coffees are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Additional informatiom:
McDonald’s: Communications Director  Heli Ryhänen, puh. +358 40 501 7179, [email protected]
Meira: Marketing Manager Heidi Päiväniemi, +358 40 743 7850, [email protected]

McDonald’s is one of the most famous brands in the world. The familiar arch pattern rises in more than 100 countries, as a symbol of a total of about 37,000 restaurants. McDonald’s serves approximately 70 million customers daily. Globally, the chain employs 1.7 million people. The first McDonald’s in Finland was opened more than 30 years ago in 1984. There are currently 65 McDonald’s restaurants in Finland, of which 60, or more than 92%, are owned by private licensees, ie entrepreneurs. There are a total of 14 entrepreneurs.

Meira Oy, which has been operating since 1914 is a part of the Italian Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, one of the largest companies in the coffee industry in Europe. Segafredo Zanetti, a part of the group, is a leading espresso manufacturer in Italy and also worldwide. Meira manufactures and markets coffee, baking and seasoning products and nuts for consumers and professionals in Finland, the Baltic countries and Denmark. Meira’s brands include Kulta Katriina and Segafredo.