Alongside sustainable, tasty and high-quality products, nutritional responsibility has been a priority for Meira for a long time now. As part of its sustainability work, Meira wants to support consumers with a range of products that enable a smooth everyday life, support a healthy and varied diet and encourage more sustainable eating.
Meira made its first nutritional commitment already in 2018 to develop its low-sugar and low-salt ketchup ranges. Now Meira has set three new recommendations to guide product development: seasoning blends without added salt, vegetarian and vegan seasoning blends without added salt and mayonnaise with the Heart Symbol. The product development commitments are valid from now until the end of the strategy period in 2026. The commitments also include indicators for the development of the objectives, which will be monitored annually.

Meira commits to not adding any salt to its spice mixes

Meira is committed to supporting consumers in reducing salt and encouraging Finns to adopt healthier eating habits and use spice mixes that do not contain any added salt.

Meira will help people add more vegetarian food to their diet with ready-to-use seasoning mixes for vegan proteins and vegetarian dishes

Meira is committed to helping consumers increase the proportion of vegetarian food in their diets. The aim is to encourage Finns to adopt healthier eating habits and lower the threshold for vegetarian food experimentation by offering ready-to-use vegetarian seasoning mixes without added salt.

Meira mayonnaise with the 3rd party Heart Symbol pointing a healthier option in the category

Meira is committed to helping consumers increase the proportion of products with the Heart Symbol in their diets by developing a mayonnaise with the Heart Symbol. Meira encourages Finns to adopt healthier eating habits and use mayonnaise with the Heart Symbol, which is a healthier and therefore better choice in their product category.

“Meira has a strong presence in seasoning products around kitchens and dinner tables across Finland. This is why we have an important responsibility to offer a wide range of alternatives that support health and dietary diversity, and increasingly also climate and environmental sustainability. It is with this in mind that we have wanted to set these commitments. We aim to continue to produce seasoning products at Vallila that make it easy to season food in a way that takes into account health, the environment and the climate,” says Heidi Päiväniemi, Director of Strategy, Sustainability and Communications at Meira.

Nutrition Commitment and Commitment 2050 – ways to promote nutritional responsibility

The Nutrition Commitment is a Finnish operating model that helps and encourages food operators and stakeholders to improve the nutritional quality of diets and promote nutritionally responsible practices. The goal-oriented and measurable Commitment to Action is an excellent tool for developing nutrition responsibility.

Meira’s Nutrition Commitment has been published on the Commitment 2050 service (Nutrition Commitments), where the publication of the Commitment requires reporting on the results. Commitment 2050 means ways to make commitments for sustainable development or to join Green Deal agreements, the Food Material Efficiency Commitment or the Nutrition Commitment. Commitments always have measurable targets that advance the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Heidi Päiväniemi, Director of Strategy, Sustainability and Communications, Meira.
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