According to a study* commissioned by Meira, consumers desires more adult, less sweet tastes also in coffee drinks on-the-go: coffee drinks springing up from the authentic Italian coffee culture and dark-roasted, high-quality coffee. Segafredo coffee drinks are made with Italian-style coffee and fresh milk. High quality, dark roast, strong character with a taste of life.

“While there has been higher than average price sensitivity for coffee this year, we believe that coffee consumption will continue to diversify, especially among young adults. After the pandemic, people are spending more time outside home, in transit and in leisure time. In that context, an easy-to-drink, tasty coffee beverage to have on-the-go offers a welcomed change to the more familiar options.” says Niklas Lindroos, the Brand & Category Manager for Coffee at Meira.

Meira responds to this consumer demand with Segafredo’s new delicious and ready-to-drink coffee drinks; the softly roasted Latte Macchiato, the velvety delicious Caramel Macchiato and the intensely rich Vanilla Espresso + Milk. Segafredo Latte Macchiato is also a slightly lighter option, containing 30% less sugar than the average ready-to-drink latte.

Segafredo coffee drinks are packaged in recyclable cartons. They are made using Rainforest Alliance-certified sustainable coffee. The drinks contain low-lactose milk.
Segafredo milk-based coffee drinks will be available in grocery stores starting in October. Packaging: carton, 235 ml capacity. Recommended retail price €1.99 per can.

More information:
Niklas Lindroos
Brand & Category Manager for Coffee, Meira
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 050-5067617

*Foodwest: concept, packaging and taste survey of milk-based coffee drinks 2/2023, n=112