Food waste occurs at all stages of the food chain, but most of it in households, 120-160 million kilos per year. This is 30% of the total food chain loss. According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), this means that every Finn throws about 125 euros a year in the trash *.This year, for the eighth time, the target group of the Food Waste Week is households and the theme is food waste in everyday life – ways to reduce food waste **.

We at Meira have paid attention to food waste and other climate impacts of food for a long time. Good production planning according to demand is key; we do not manufacture too large batches of products that could remain in stock. We also want to help and encourage consumers to reduce waste in their daily lives. We offer different package sizes for households of different sizes, and our packaging development is based on food product safety and shelf life.

Thanks to accurate demand forecasting and production planning, the amount of food waste in our warehouse is very small. Products that can no longer be delivered to the stores for sale but for which the best before date is still to come, we will deliver to charity. Our own staff will also from time to time enjoy products that we do not deliver for sale.

Small deeds make a big difference. Changes in awareness, skills and attitudes are also needed to reduce food waste. For example, planning food purchases in advance, buying the right package sizes, using aging foods in a timely manner and boldly trying new recipes with foods already purchased can significantly reduce waste **.

Along with other EU countries, Finland is committed to the UN goal of halving food waste in households, restaurants and shops by 2030 *. Meira is strongly and actively committed to this goal.


*   Article in Helsingin Sanomat 9.9.2020: Ruokahävikkiä yritetään pienentää

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