Meira´s delicious ketchups are packed with tomato, always with a minimum of 80% tomato purée. They contain no artificial sweeteners, thickeners or preservatives. The ketchups are developed and produced in Finland with renewable, environmentally friendly biogas. In addition to the traditional ketchup, the range includes innovative flavors such as root vegetable and sweet potato-ginger.

A recent addition to the range is Meira Organic Ketchup with less sugar and salt. Its tomato content is 85%, which is the highest tomato content on the market in organic ketchups. This ketchup has also been granted the Heart Symbol indicating that the product is a better choice in its product group regarding sugar and salt.


The traditional Meira mustards are made with respect to the good old know-how of mustard production: from freshly ground mustard seeds using a traditional stone mill. The mustards contain no artificial aromas or thickeners.

Several products in the Meira mustard range have been granted the Heart Symbol making them thus a better choice for the whole family. All Meira ketchups and mustards are developed, manufactured and packaged in Vallila, Helsinki. All products have also been awarded the Key Flag Symbol to demonstrate that they are produced by Finnish work.

A variety of ketchups and mustards are also available in convenient 250 gram mini bottles. The smaller packages are easy to grab along and also help reduce food waste especially in small households.